• Santosh says:

    Wow!!! This is just amazing and beautiful. I am just waiting to be there in that beautiful jungle and its surroundings. It is defiantly one of my places to visit and I have moved it to the first place on my list.

  • Siva Nallaiah says:

    Looks like a great place for a getaway holiday. Hope to try it next time we vsisit Sri Lanka. How is the security at the Ark?


    • Iyanthie says:

      The Ark is situated on a 40 acre rubber estate, which is in operation and is closely situated to the road and village, it is a very safe place , and no-one will disturb you

  • Dinisha says:

    Wowww..I was amazed to see a place like this in our own country! Must-stay place for me. I’m coming!!!!

  • Natasha A. says:

    What beauty Sri Lanka has to offer, definetely a beautiful place to stay !!! Breath taking in deed

  • Charith says:


  • Priyanka Perera says:

    We visited this place in November. It was an amazing setting and brilliant architecture. The staff very attentive and kind… Wonderful if you like to relax and have a quiet time. Different experience from the normal crowded hotels. Was lovely to have the pool to ourselves.

  • Romeish Dias says:

    this place is really one of a kind if you like to really chill and relax with good friends or just with someone special

  • Rasika Attanayake says:

    It was a nice place and stay…………………

  • Yoshith says:

    This is an AMAZING place….. We LOVED IT!!! and the FOOD was pretty awesome too….

  • vajira says:

    PL, send me you”r Contact No.

  • mannapperuma says:

    do they have non veg meals aswell as pork? and beef?

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